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Ruya Studio

We Love Kudo

A web-based lottery platform using TALL STACK, Laravel, and Vue.js. Supports charity programs

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KUDO is a web-based charitable lottery platform that was recently developed using the TALL STACK, along with Laravel and Vue.js. It allows users to discover and participate in charity programs by purchasing tickets to win prizes offered by associations. These associations are detailed on the platform, as well as the current and upcoming prizes. The prize draw is carried out by a bailiff once the defined participation amount has been reached.

To ensure the security and reliability of the platform, I have implemented robust authentication with 2FA security options and payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal. I have also created a modular administration dashboard that makes it easy to manage the platform and perform the necessary exports.

With the use of Livewire, the application is live and offers a smooth and interactive user experience. I am proud of the final result of this project and I am eager to share it with others on my LinkedIn profile.